Traveling With Your Buds

As the prohibition on pot collapses one state at time, America is writhing in a strange legal flux. In some states, it’s totally cool to carry properly stored cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia as you roam the land while in others, one limp joint can land you in the joint for years to come. These are strange times but times are changing. Cannabition Las Vegas is an immersive celebration of the best of cannabis culture, but you have to get there first.

Traveling Buddies: The Ins and Outs of Cannabis Consumption in Las Vegas

The stakes of traveling with cannabis are always higher than you are, even in states where it’s been legalized. So, how does one stay safe? How do you travel with weed, and minimize your chances of crossing the law?

Stay discreet with edibles and vape pens

First and foremost, common knowledge dictates that vape pens and edibles are your greatest allies. While smoking cannabis flower is a time-honored tradition, when you’re traveling, cannabis flower can be a conspicuous thing to carry. At the minimum, you’ll need a bowl and a lighter, and an odor-proof (and preferably child-proof) container to keep your greenery safely concealed.

Vape pens and edibles circumvent the odor challenge elegantly. Vape pens are great because:

  • They are small enough to fit easily inside of pockets or packs
  • They don’t smell
  • They require no external lighter,
  • Most are indistinguishable from tobacco vape pens (which are legal everywhere in the US).
  • Edibles look just like regular sweet-snacks.

When compared to edibles, vape pens are a lot easier to control your personal dosage, especially if you’re stopping in at Cannabition or looking enjoy some of Las Vegas’ historic sites and sounds.

Keep your stash secured at all times

It’s also important to note that, even in legal states, there are requirements for storage of your cannabis and paraphernalia. For example, in Las Vegas, cannabis is required to be stored in an opaque, child-proof container or bag. If there’s an open weed container inside of your car, you’re dancing with danger.

If not inside of a dispensary-sealed container, or some kind of smell-proof packaging (like a vacuum-sealed bag), loose bud floating in your car is akin to open beer or liquor. It’s risky business – and if you’re playing that game, you better be ready to incur the consequences should you get caught.

In Colorado, cops are no longer allowed to search a person’s car just because they smell weed. Though similar legislation exists in Las Vegas, Nevada also has some of the strictest DUI laws. Even improperly storing or consuming weed can land you with a pretty hefty fine. Make sure you stay on the right side of Las Vegas cannabis laws by consuming privately and discreetly.

Why airports are a ‘no-fly’ zone for cannabis

Air travel is another game entirely. Many airports are considered federal jurisdiction – meaning that inside them, no matter what state you’re in, weed is illegal and it is prohibited to carry. If you’re caught trying to get your personal stash through security, you’ve broken federal law.

Fortunately, in Las Vegas, lawmakers have worked install cannabis amnesty boxes for travelers who find themselves with a bit too much bud to board a plane. While traveling with weed isn’t impossible, it can certainly be tricky, and in some instances outright illegal. You just need to approach it with a precautionary mindset the right travel destination in mind.

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