Cannabition Cannabis Museum is Las Vegas’ First and the World’s Only Immersive Cannabis Art Museum

Cannabition is an Immersive Cannabis-Themed Art museum in Las Vegas Designed to Include Larger-Than-Life Exhibits that Celebrate the Art, Culture, and History Surrounding Cannabis Use

Inhale Culture

Inhale Culture

cannabition cannabis museum opens downtown


Celebrate the Art, Culture, and History Surrounding Cannabis Use at Cannabition Cannabis Museum. As Las Vegas’ first immersive cannabis museum and the world’s only cannabis-themed attraction of its kind, Cannabition is a 10,500 square-foot journey featuring more than 20 unique, cannabis art installations. The Las Vegas art museum’s world-famous exhibits include the world’s largest bong, “Bongzilla” and Hunter S. Thompson’s “Red Shark.” Launched the Fall of 2018 in Downtown Las Vegas by Denver’s ‘Godfather of Weed,’ JJ Walker, Cannabition features elaborate, cannabis-inspired pop-up art installations built by leading artists and experiential exhibit and event designers, included Jerome Baker Designs.
bongzilla at cannabition museum

Experience the Normalization of Cannabis Culture

Connect with cannabis culture and celebrate the journey from ‘seed to celebration’ as you tour Cannabition. We teamed up with the biggest and best cannabis brands in Nevada and across the country to build and fabricate our vibrant and interactive exhibits. Each room tells a different story about the cannabis plant, allowing visitors to witness cultivation and harvest before sliding into a giant pool of nugs and landing in our ‘Ritual Room.’ Whether you’re a local cannabis lover, visiting with friends, or taking your team on a fun trip, Cannabition is the perfect place to learn, explore, and embrace the mainstreaming of cannabis culture.
bongzilla at cannabition museum

Creating an event space that helps mainstream marijuana

Our team is dedicated to furthering the mainstreaming of cannabis culture and consumption. While public consumption isn’t legal in Nevada, our museum was inspired by the feelings of hope, inspiration, well-being, and social connection rendered possible by the cannabis plant. Cannabition cannabis museum is much more than a visual experience, it’s our version of a cannabis-themed playground for the 21 and up. Join us on a journey that goes from Seed to Celebration of the most widely used plant in the world.
new cannabis museum opens downtown las vegas

Connect with Your Higher Self at Cannabition

Get your cannabition cannabis education on with the world's first immersive and interactive cannabis themed-art museum. Satisfy your curiosity and your senses by stepping into Cannabition Las Vegas.

Curious about what to do in Las Vegas? Contact with our team to book your 420-friendly tour through Cannabition Cannabis Museum in Las Vegas. 
new cannabis museum opens downtown las vegas

Consuming Cannabis Safely in Las Vegas

Due to state laws, you can’t consume cannabis onsite at Cannabition. However, recreational marijuana and medical cannabis are both legal and can be purchased at several recreational marijuana dispensaries in Downtown and Greater Las Vegas. Get Your Questions Answered (FAQ)

Take the Trip of Your Life at Cannabition

Come hug-a-bud and let our canna-crew take you on a tour through our weed wonderland. Celebrate all things cannabis with Cannabition next time you’re in Las Vegas.
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