Start your 420-friendly journey in
Las Vegas' first immersive museum experience


What Are Your Plans for 4:20?

Where will you be at 4:20? Tours start every day at 11am and continue through 9pm Monday-Thursday and till 11pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fake it til you make it by posing with our 24-foot Bongzilla. Get a hug from our Giant Nugs. Learn the truth about mankind's relationship with cannabis.

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Embrace 420 Culture with Cannabition

From entry to exit, Cannabition is a 420-friendly venue even if you can't consume. Learn more about the roots of the cultural movement when you walk through or climb on to Cannabition's 420 exhibit.

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Up Next:
Soak Up the Sun In Our Seed Room

Cannabition's second exhibit takes you deep into the earth's mantle where all life begins. At the exhibit's centerpiece, rests a giant cannabis seed, shaped like a bed, tempting you to start your journey with a fun and flirty photo opp.

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