Did you know that the cannabis plant
can grow to be more than 18-feet-tall?


Discover ‘How Does Marijuana Grow’ at Cannabition

Unlock the mystery of how cannabis is grown by talking a walk through our own indoor grow room. Designed by industry experts, Cannabition’s grow exhibit will allow you to witness what happens behind the closed doors of a cannabis cultivation operation. Discover the best way to grow marijuana when you explore and learn in Cannabition’s indoor cannabis farm.

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Find out why the cannabis plant is better than other Cash crops

Did you know the cannabis plant is an environmentally friendly crop? Dig deeper into the dynamic benefits of growing cannabis at home or on a commercial scale.

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Walk through a life-sized cannabis

Cannabis flowers represent a powerful aspect of humanity’s relationship with nature. Nurture your love of nature by celebrating the cannabis flower in all of its blooming glory throughout your entire experience.

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Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labor in Our Harvest Exhibit

From a tiny seedling, grows a big bud. Well, hopefully. Cannabition's harvest exhibit gives you a glimpse into the secret life of a cannabis cultivation operation when it's time to harvest.

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