What’s Your Cannabis Ritual?
Find Out with Cannabition


Puff puff pass with an oversized Raw joint

Simulate smoking from a giant Raw joint and impress your friends by capturing the moment with Cannabition.

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Swing into the future of cannabis with PAX Life Tree

Take a ride on the world’s largest PAX before taking the two-story trip up to the world’s largest bong, Bongzilla.

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Come face to face with the
world’s biggest bong

Affectionately known to us as ‘Bongzilla,’ this incredible piece of cannabis history is so tall you have to take an elevator to the photo op. All aboard!

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Embrace 420 Culture

Discover what 420 really means with a first-of-its-kind attraction designed to celebrate cannabis culture in all of its forms. Live the legend of 420 when you start your journey at Cannabition in our vibrant 420 Room. Celebrate the beginning of your Cannabition experience and one of the most ubiquitous phrases in cannabis culture, “420.”

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