Lose yourself in a haze
of cannabis inspired pop up art exhibits


Learn the real difference between Sativas and Indicas

As cannabis continues to grow in popularity, people are starting to get curious about ‘what it’s like to feel high.’ Get high on life and a live art installation by artist and master of illusion, Darel Carey when you visit Cannabition Fall 2018.

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Inhale a new kind of experience with Leafly at Cannabition

Find your perfect strain and slide into the experience of being high without lighting up. Take your tour back to the playground days with an immersive slide and strain table sponsored by Leafly.

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Learn About Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are one of the biggest revelations to come out of the growth of the cannabis industry. From vape pens to cannabis oil concentrates, discover why so many cannabis enthusiasts turn to Clear Concentrates in when you visit Cannabition.

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